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If Your Skincare Routine Could Talk, What Would It Say?

An important lesson I've learnt over the years is, the amount of effort and energy you put into your skin to make it look better is directly proportionate to the results you get!


Our skin has a way of speaking its' needs to us, all you have to do is listen.


Being consistent with your skincare routine is important and the key is having an easy to follow minimalistic routine that you can follow even on busy days.


 If your skin care routine could talk, what would it say?


Here are some things I think it might say...

#1 - The Happy Routine

Every night is like a little concert in your bathroom! You always make sure you stick to your skincare routine regardless of how busy your day has been. You know your skincare needs and take your time to layer them as you enjoy the process.

The best part? Your skin rewards you with the radiance and glow that you've been aiming for!

#2 - The Overenthusiastic Routine

While we love Korean skincare (which typically has a lot of steps) for their approach to hydrating the skin. At Oh Be You Facial Bar, we are all about the minimalist approach, when  it comes to skincare, less is more. 


In this category is the ten step overwhelming routine that requires at least 2 hours each evening to complete. The downside? On busy days, you may not stick to your routine which can lead to you not getting the results you want.

"Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle." – Erno Laszlo

#3 - The Neglected Routine

Your bathroom cabinet is full of expired skincare products and lotions. You stick to your skincare once a week when you get time and rarely use your sunscreen. To achieve your goals, sticking to a routine is important. Simplify your routine to make it easier

#4 - The Naturalist Routine

They prefer all-natural, organic ingredients. The Naturalist believes their skin thrives on the goodness of nature's bounty. They spend their weekends browsing farmers markets, their basket overflowing with fresh aloe vera leaves and fragrant lavender sprigs. They might even DIY some of their own products with essential oils and carrier oils.

Natural products are great, but to achieve results faster having some acids, chemicals in the mix is the way to go. 

#5 - The Low-Maintenance Routine

Skincare isn't a priority for them. They might just use a face wipe or whatever they find in the bathroom. They might not see the need for a complex routine.

The truth is, a low-maintenance routine as described here will end up costing you. Remember it is easier to have a routine, regular visits to your dermatologist or esthetician, than it is to reverse the damage to your skin. 

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