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When Skincare Becomes Obsessive

How To Maintain A Healthy Balance

We've all been there...


Scrolling through social media and seeing someone glowing with what seems like pore less, wrinkle-free skin and wondering what magical product is responsible for that level of perfection.


What starts out as innocent curiosity suddenly turns into hours and hours of constant research.


Finding yourself in a rabbit hole of reviews, ingredient breakdowns and Tiktok and YouTube tutorials.


Before you know it, you’re are trying out several products and spas, each time getting more and more frustrated when you don't get the outcome you are looking for...


There is nothing wrong with taking care of your skin as it is part of selfcare, but sometimes, the line can get blurred.


Coming from an esthetician with over 12 years' of experience, the word perfection is a myth.


The best way to take care of your skin concerns is to visit a licensed esthetician and walk through the journey of skincare with patience and an open mind.


So take a deep breath, close those tabs with multiple tutorials and reviews, empty that shopping cart and remind yourself that skincare is supposed to be a fun, not a source of stress!


Happy Mental Health Awareness Month!


Finding A Healthy Balance

#1 - Focus On Your Overall Wellbeing

A healthy looking outside starts from a healthy inside! The phrase 'garbage in, garbage out' summarizes it all. Start by eating healthy, taking lots of water and vegetables as well as exercising and you will see a significant change on your skin. It will also leave you feeling good and confident!

#2 - Acceptance is Key

Like I mentioned earlier, the word perfection is a myth and a little bit of imperfection is perfectly normal in skincare! Embrace yourself and focus on enjoying the journey more than obsessing over the unattainable! Be kind to yourself and practice more self love as opposed to criticism

"Skincare isn't about achieving perfection; it's about loving the skin you're in"

#3 - Listen to Your Skin

Our skin reacts differently to different products. What works one person might not necessarily work for you. Before introducing a new product to your skin, I recommend doing a patch test to see how your skin reacts to it. If you see signs of a bad reaction, discontinue usage to avoid damaging your skin.

#4 - Less is More

When it comes to skincare, simplicity trumps complexity! A simple routine with high quality products is always better than a complex routine. You will also find that its easier to maintain consistency with a simple routine that is not time consuming, even on busy days.


#5 - Most Importantly, Seek Professional Help!

Before you obsess over skincare products and ingredients, seek help from a professional. A licensed esthetician would help you to better understand your skincare concerns and work through them

Our Cleansers Will Be Coming Out Soon!

We know how cleansing is an integral part of a great skincare routine and that's why we have been working to develop cleansers that will be a great addition to your skincare routine!


Whether you're battling stubborn breakouts, dryness that makes your face feel like sandpaper, or just want a cleanser that keeps your skin balanced, we've got you covered!


Stay tuned, we will be revealing more details soon!

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